Innovative Mounting Systems
(patent number 4,312,396 and other patents pending)

The reputation Simplex has for long lasting strips lies in our unique patented mounting system. Other manufacturers use the antiquated bolt-up method to mount their strips, which puts stress in the strip at the mounting point. This method of mounting creates the”coat hanger effect”. At the point of the mount the strip will eventually fatigue and then fail, as if you were bending a coat hanger by hand until it broke.

Simplex bases all its mountings on a bead mounting that allows the strip to pivot in the mounting, substantially reducing the stress on the strip at the mounting point.

Bonded Bead Mounting Systems
The Bonded Bead mounting system is one of the most advanced developments in the strip door industry.

  • Built-in relief flanges allow the strips to pivot freely, reducing stress and protecting the top of the strips from the elements, drastically increasing the life of the strips.
  • The easiest installation available. Simply mount the track and slide your new strips into the track. No tools are required to install or remove strips.
  • Strips are easily rotated for maximum life.
  • Supplied with hardware to allow you to mount to any wall surface.

Flat Wall Mounting System

In-Jamb Mounting System

Strip slides into place

Hook Bead Mounting System

  • Two-piece HookBead mounting tracks make installation of larger softwalls and strips simple and quick.
  • Features two-piece construction; front plate is easily removed for installation and removal.
  • Flat wall, in-jamb and ceiling mounts allow you to tailor your mounting to any need.

Flat Wall Mount

In-Jamb Mount

Ceiling Mount

Illustration of Flat Wall Assembly


  • Specifically designed for contamination control applications. Very effective for the food service industry.
  • Streamlined one-piece design promotes easy installation. The flexible living hinge allows track to flip open for quick removal of strips.
  • Lack of exterior crevices means a cleaner, more sanitary device.
  • Exclusive flex seal keeps moisture and other contaminants out for easy wipe down and cleaning
  • Constructed of heavy-duty PVC.

Overhead Door Brackets

  • Allows you to mount your strip door inside for maximum protection from the elements.
  • Adjustable, easy-to-install system adapts to any industrial door from canister mounts to solid, roll-up doors.
  • Supplied with heavy side-seal strips and available in medium and heavy duty styles.
  • All brackets and crossbars are epoxy powder coated for resistance to all weather conditions.

Sliding Door Track

  • Allows strip doors to slide open for passage of equipment or product.
  • Can be ordered for single or double bi-parting sliding systems.
  • Available in anodized aluminum, galvanized steel and stainless steel.
Simplex can manufacture custom brackets systems to meet your exact applications and requirements.

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